Here at TDL CAPITAL INVESTMENTS we are very excited about the future, agriculture is the next big thing and since we strategically place ourselves on ihefront row for any opportunities, we are investing in the agricultural sector, all our operations are carried out in East Africa, we are cultivating food crops for export mainly to North America.

How we work

Extensive Research
Through the many relationships we have with all stakeholders in the East African region, we have extensively done our homework to make sure you our investor you're the major beneficiary and see it in your profit margins.
We buy low, develop, with a calculated time period, we expect a return of our investment, The return of investment is between 3 - 5 years.
We listen to you the investor, and depending on your vision, we will advise and provide feed back and recommendations, then we will strategize and implement the final plan strategically to yield the highest profit margins.
We deliver 100% every time, and our results speak for themselves.
We have an on-going support program, we are transparent in each and everything that we do, our investors are kept current on all their investments all the time.